My Real Geometric Brain

                                                                  My Geometric Brain

So my name's Zoe, I have a puppy named Elizabeth Taylor, and I love my friends, family, shopping and the beach. I get distracted but thats me, and I love me. You should love yourself, cuz guess what bro? Your awesome and theres only one you. So thats pretty special. So long story short, I'm liven life to the best it can be and I'm basically sharing that awesomeness with YOU! I love fashion, fashion design, photography, friends, dancing, swimming, having fun and Instagram. I can either catch onto things really fast if its something I love, or i can not get it at all. So, I try hard to understand it, unless it's totally never gonna come up again in my life. Then I move on. But I basically created this blog to show you pictures of me and my friends or family doing cool awesome crazy stuff, it's called "My Geometric Brain"because my brain is filled with random stuff that I share with you. So enjoy my blog where I travel, hang with friends and do awesome stuff (without a boyfriend).

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